$100 to the EFF to start, up to $500 more in matching


In light of recent events, detailed here by Chris, Jack has donated $100 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which currently holds a Charity Navigator rating of 96.18/100. In order to stuff their coffers further, we’re offering to match $5 for each comment on this post that states the poster has made a donation to the EFF, in any amount. Each comment confirming that the poster has written or called his/her representatives, we’ll match $1. In total, we’ll contribute up to an additional $500 to the EFF if the personal finance community will stand with us in fighting this legal snafu. This offer stands until EOD 12/14/2017, which is the FCC’s vote that could radically change the internet as we know it.


How to get a match?

  1. Make your donation, maybe pick up a free t-shirt in the process, and comment today to earn a $5 matching contribution.
    1. Post your comment of a donation and we will add you to the donation Tally ($5)
  2. Call your representative -> For each call with a comment confirming you called, we will add $1 to the tally


Up to $500, we’re matching. LET’S DO THIS!