Individual health insurance is broken. Badly.

The image alone should speak for itself, but I’ll add a few terse words. I’m livid right now, and will keep this short to avoid a long, rambling rant about the political BS that landed health insurance in such a disastrous state.

Available health care plans suck

I should almost feel lucky to have a few plans available, all through the same subpar provider. My county was within a hair’s breadth of being one of the “bare” counties across the country with no access to health insurance on the open market. A last minute political maneuver landed me and my neighbors these glorious plans as the only options. I do not qualify for subsidies, but this is the first year that I am disqualified. I’m left in the darkness of COBRA land for the foreseeable future, whose eye popping premiums are within range of the plans in the image, but offers a much better set of benefits.

I’ve searched all of the major insurers, and every single one comes back with a blank result set. This is ridiculous.