Rockstar Finance Community Contribution

The leadership team over at Rockstar asked if anyone wanted to do a small community engagement for Christmas – although Jack and I didn’t make the official list, we asked to participate with our own money!

The Original Ask

The original ask was to take $100 of mula from the Rockstar coffers and make the most of it by making someone else’s day. There was no limit, not even the sky or Santa. We responded a few hours later than the original first come, first serve email was sent. J Money let us know that we didn’t make the list, allowing us to participate from afar.

Our Reasoning Behind Joining in the Fun

It’s holiday season!! It is not only the time to give gifts to families; but, also time to give gifts to those who are unable to have a wonderful Christmas due to their circumstances. We’re always so impressed with the giving trees at employer’s offices, programs run by churches or organization for toys, and the many other community service activities going on during this cheerful time in the year.

Even though we haven’t monetized the blog, one of our main reasons for eventually wanting to monetize resonates with the original ask above. In other words, this is just our way of showing that in the future, if we begin making money on Duke of Dollars, then we will for sure be giving some away to the communities in which we live, or the world organizations making the biggest impact!

What Did the Dukes Do?

With all of this being said, we decided to personally contribute a small donation of $20 to Children International. This organization fights global poverty, specifically focusing on children in need who live an impoverished life.

They focus on 4 areas:

“our programs focus on four key outcomes: for CI kids to graduate healthy, educated, empowered and employed. Why these four? Because they’re all interconnected and essential to achieving the big goal: helping to break the cycle of poverty.”

This isn’t exactly Christmasy if you will, and $20 isn’t much, yet our hope is it will contribute to the organization’s goals. We are firm believers in every little bit helps. Citizens in the US are within the top 1% richest people in the world group, morally it is our responsibility to give back – we hope to continue doing so!

Here’s a quote from their make a difference page:

“Children International has improved millions of lives and helped hundreds
of thousands of children escape poverty’s grasp … but none of it would have been
possible without the help of supporters like you.”

Interested in just how the money we sent could help a child become a productive and healthy adult? Check out their stories page. We are happy to help this great organization!

Our Gift To You Is A Thank You for Your Gift to Us

Before heading off to our family get-togethers, skype calls, facetime sessions, or gift unwrapping madnesses, we want to give each one of you who have read one of our blog post a huge THANK YOU!

Many things in our lives are intangible. Time is limited as it continues ticking for each of us every day, our appreciation to you for using some of those ticks on our blog means the world to us. 2018 has more in store as we continue looking for opportunities towards making the lives of others better in a nice easy roadmap fashion.

Furthermore, meeting and enjoying the blogs of others in this great community will not be lower on the priority list for us. Keep up the great work and awesome blogs, it’s because of all us in the community that it thrives! Have a great Christmas and Holiday Season!










Merry Christmas-Eve!!