Welcome, new citizen to the home of the Master Duke of Dollars!

It’s a wondrous land of ample opportunity to start a new journey. You bring to this place everything you own and everything you owe. Stake a claim on our finest beaches or establish a homestead in our lush valleys. Whether your beginning is lavish or lackluster, it’s a fresh start to a life well-lived.

Our goals are to learn how to build wealth, how to invest your capital, how to use accumulated assets to best accomplish your goals, and most importantly: how to live a fulfilling lifestyle in accordance with sound personal monetary policy.

As a community, we’ll vanquish our debts, recruit a barracks full of greenback soldiers to do our bidding, establish impenetrable moats to protect our livelihoods, and ultimately, we’ll build our own financial kingdoms. Become a Duke of Dollars today!

Why Should You Build a Financial Kingdom?

Achieving a certain level of wealth allows you to use money as a tool to experience the best of life and avoid, ease, or defer the worst of it. Long-term happiness is not directly determined by the balance of your bank account but used properly, money is an important tool for achieving the life you desire.


Money changes your life through various avenues!

Spontaneous Experiences

Take advantage of spontaneous experiences. Opportunities to engage more deeply with friends and family are often spur-of-the-moment and fleeting. You may need to come up with a quick “Yes” or “No” to an invitation to a football game, a beach house, or simply drinks downtown.

Because cultivating friendship and connection are critical to a fulfilled life, we believe that saying “Yes” more frequently is important for overall well-being. Having money in the bank makes that choice easier.

Healthcare Access

Access the greatest medical advances and technologies to upgrade or repair your body.

The biological machine that gives rise to your consciousness needs maintenance and repairs, more so the longer you drive it. Coupling adequate insurance with a robust balance sheet, you can reap the full technological benefits of 21st-century health care.

Taste the Finer Things in Life

There’s no need to overindulge, and we recommend experiences over materials, but this world offers you fantastic sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and adventures. Some of the best experiences require a chunk of change, and you shouldn’t seek them until you’re well established.

Build a respectable castle and then see for yourself if caviar is worth the hype.

Help Others

Few acts in life generate lasting happiness as well as altruism.

When you can write a check to cover your nephew’s schoolbooks, donate your old car to someone who needs to drive to school or work, send flowers to an ailing family member’s hospital room, or simply drop a $20 bill into the Salvation Army kettle – all without second-guessing whether you have the means for such generosity – wealth enables you to help the people around you.

Giving without expecting anything in return has been proven as one of the most reliable actions you can take to improve your long-term happiness.


Are you able to handle unplanned events right now? A kingdom makes sure you have the resources needed to do so!


Very few issues can derail a marriage as predictably as money problems. While the presence of wealth alone isn’t enough to solve all financial qualms in a relationship, a sufficient net worth can soothe many an argument.

Financial disagreements are often a contributing factor to divorce: “Couples who ‘disagree about finances once a week’ are over 30 percent more likely to get divorced than couples that report ‘disagreeing about finances a few times a month.’”

Alleviate Stress

Having money can help alleviate the stress associated with daily living on a paycheck to paycheck basis. Never worry about making rent or calling the electric company to plead with them not to cut the lights.

If your child’s class is going on a fun field trip, there’s a deep sense of peace when you don’t panic in wonderment if you can afford the luxury or if you’ll have to disappoint your excited kid who has his heart set on seeing the elephants at the zoo.

F-YOU MONEY (Learn About It Here)

Stay on sound footing when life circumstances impede your ability to earn money through a job. Every employment opportunity has a breaking point for paid vs unpaid time off.

Sometimes the job is so crappy that the breaking point is immediate; no unpaid time for you! Other times, you might be able to eek out a couple weeks before the boss says it’s time to get back to your desk. Eventually, however, you’ll need to return to work to keep earning money.

Life doesn’t operate on a corporate schedule, and you may find a time in your life that requires more than your employer is willing to bend. Again, having enough money to keep the bills paid is the solution.

Reason 3: Focus on the Important Things in Life

The ability to properly insure oneself against some of life’s catastrophic meteorites is a prudent step afforded only to people who have money.

When you’re struggling to put food on the table, a life insurance policy, the gold level health plan, sufficient auto insurance, and umbrella coverage are all afterthoughts, if they’re thoughts at all.

But if the worst does happen, having these backstops in place can smooth out life’s bigger bumps for you and your loved ones. You don’t want to be lying in a hospital bed mulling bankruptcy.

Having wealth and establishing the proper amount of coverage will mean that if tragedy strikes, you can focus on healing and supporting your family, not on your checkbook.

Building Your Kingdom is absolutely worth it!

Stacks of money in a brown open suitcase.

Build wealth because once you have a decent income, the process is easy and the payoff is enormous. The steps are outlined on this blog. They’re simple, and a moderate amount of frugality goes a long way.

Living below your means, even slightly, for a decent length of time will allow you to establish a balance of capital that you can put to work for you. Build a basis, then let your money make money.

And definitely, enjoy the results.



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