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Hi! This is Jack at Duke of Dollars.

These days, we’re continuing with major renovations to both the castles, our financial fortresses. Chris and I have recognized and capitalized on recent opportunities, relying on an aggressive accumulation of knowledge to guide us to through life decisions.

Which brings me to the first article I’d like to share on the roundup, an intense exploration of one voracious reader’s habits:


The Biggest Advantage You Can Give Yourself In Life Is Reading via Joshua Kennon When was the last time you practiced, actually devoted time and effort into improving your reading? Imagine you were tasked to be your own personal Reading Coach.

My Best Advice for Volatile Markets – Don’t Panic via The Rich Miser – For investors, Miguel offers up timely advice for a market that has recently seen some down spells amidst one of the greatest bull markets the world has ever seen. At Duke of Dollars, we believe that everyone should have their own personal Investment Plan Statement and follow it.

How to Beat Death and Taxes with One Financial Move via FI Introvert – If the previous article helps you hold on to your wealth, this one will help you determine what to do with your financial legacy. Explore the options opened up by a Donor Advised Fund.

6 Lessons from Mini Retirement via Making Sense of Life (MSOLIFE) – Moose took off some extended time and learned lessons that will power his full retirement in the future. This approach gives a FIRE seeker a sneak-preview, an opportunity to envision how to structure a fulfilling life post-career.

I will become a millionaire! Never let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do! via Chris @ Duke of Dollars – And finally, Chris has his sights set on becoming a millionaire and simply won’t suffer the doubters. Although most personal finance readers know that this is an achievable goal, not everyone understands or supports the pursuit.


To sum it all up: start with a rigorous overview of your reading habits, stay calm during turbulent markets, plan to leave behind a legacy, make the best of a long break, and chase your dreams!