Queens of the Kingdom

What is this all about?


Barack and Michelle Obama waving to crowds.

Barack would not be the same without his Queen. Image from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/474637248198855990/


On March 8th, we were thrilled to see many of the powerful women bloggers on Twitter supporting each other, and everyone supporting them!

It was really brought home to us that the personal finance world is dominated by many male bloggers, and felt that we could help show our support for the Queens that introduce so much into the community for us! And also, the queens in our lives that edit our articles, give us time to work on them, and give much support to the Duke of Dollars blog!

With that thought, we decided to do features from queens in the community to share their story and passion for personal finance, giving us and our readers the chance to give them the reverence they absolutely deserve!



Below are the important details for the series and features!  Let us know if you have any questions: [email protected]


We will be posting one featured interview per week, for 10 weeks, starting in the first week of May.

What we’re looking for:

Unique stories and passion for personal finance that include a personal touch.

We’ll be reviewing all of the interested queens from the form submission below, and then creating interview questions tailored to you and your site.

Post Guidelines:

Word Count: Between 1,000 – 2,000 words.

Images: We require an image to use for the header (1024x863) in each post for our blogroll and social media post. In addition, we look for each post to have at least 1 image in its content – for stock images, a great site we use is http://www.pexels.com. Memes for humor are always a great addon :).

Links: You may use as many links referencing articles on your site as you wish. We will only allow affiliated links for our guest post if they are products we use or support and links to articles for readers to engage with when it makes sense.

Readability: Use header tags, bold or emphasized words, and break up paragraphs to help our readers enjoy the article. Bullets, numbers, or tables work well for visualizing – we try our best to do this, and understand if thoughts can flow into large chunks.

Comments: Our readers have been engaging regularly now that we’re a bit more settled into the blog world. Please take a look back at your post to respond to our readers – we don’t want to take the glory of your awesome work! Articles can reference outside sources, please use a sources list at the end of your post.

Bio: For a more personable guest post, please submit a short summary of who you are and what your blog represents!We will work with you on any changes, making sure not to change the message. Together, we look to create an experience for our reader with you that fits our blog, impacts our readers, and grows your audience!

How to be featured:

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Below is a contact form – please let us know why your story and blog is unique. 

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