Ladies and Gentlemen of the castle,

I come to you with a few personal updates, anecdotes, and news from the kingdom!!

Note: this is more of an update and write out my thoughts compared to a full post dedicated to a topic. Enjoy!

Moving to a HCOL

A few months ago I decided to take on a new opportunity in a a big city, actually, the biggest city, the big apple, New York City!!

Now you may ask, why would someone who has a huge focus on personal finance and financial independence move to more expensive area?


1.7 trillion dollars of GDP goes through New York City each year. The top companies and top talent fit into 302 square miles.

The saying goes, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!

The song gets me pumped up every single listen!

Taking on a new employer and an awesome opportunity, along with sharing an apartment with my best friend, has made the move absolutely worthwhile for my career and for my finances.

Believe it or not, my rent and utilities are actually lower than when I was living alone – but of course the space is much smaller.

The key really comes down to balance.

Balancing between the entertainment and consumerism mindset, workaholic culture, and expensive lifestyles while enjoying living in the greatest city of the World, taking my finances seriously, and growing my income the best I can!

The Future of Duke of Dollars

Jack and I were all in one the blog and site last year, taking time to connect with bloggers, enjoy the community we all are a part of, and writing on schedule (for the most part). We were really enjoying the opportunity to increase readership and share our story.

Heck we even did a podcast! It was a blast!!

Duke of Dollars on Chain of Wealth Podcast

We Were Feeling Pressure

What we started to notice though was the unfortunate feeling of the blog becoming more of a chore as pressure to write on schedule continued.

Additionally, with my move happening in less than a month of taking on a new job, it’s easy to see how one could become a bit overwhelmed. Emotionally, leaving my friends behind as I made the adventure to New York was an adjustment even though each and every one of them was nothing but happy for me. Such is life.

The timing happened to be in line with our Rockstar Silver VIB program focus month, where it became obvious we wouldn’t be able to keep up to our standards with so much going on.

The Conversation

One evening we set time aside to plan our our month of focus by decided which of the 100 post items on our brainstorm list would be selected for authoring. Eventually, our recognition that our eyes might have been bigger than our stomachs to take on this challenge and the decision to take a step back from Duke of Dollars was made.

It truly came down to four fundamental reasons:

  1. We want to write anytime we want, however we want, and about whatever we want 🙂
  2. The last thing we want to feel like we’re doing is writing content that someone else has already taught the world (for example, another 401k article, when one can easily find them in the community)
  3. Neither Jack or myself are truly experts in personal finance – yes we know more than the average person based on it being a passion. This meant to us that we want to help ENRICH your life by teaching and writing on things we do learn, but by no means be the people who act like experts when spouting things we don’t truly know or can guarantee
    1. this isn’t to say any advice or things we’ve wrote about are incorrect for you – only that we want to help enrich your life, guide your life, all while learning to enrich our own as well

The conversation ended with us deciding on taking a break, saying hasta luego to the Silver VIB program which was awesome, and focusing a bit more on our careers or other side hustles.

What does that mean for Duke of Dollars though?

The Future

Duke of Dollars will continue – our articles will hit your inbox as we post them. We hope to continue helping you to develop the correct mindset and lifestyle that optimizes your finance, career, and happiness. Those articles won’t be on any schedule, but they will be about topics we’re currently researching or growing in ourselves (through experiences or readings) that we believe could help you as well!

Our goal isn’t to make mula at this time, yet we never know what the future holds. We do know that if that time comes, our dedication will be absolutely 100% :).

Keeping Your Composure

Oh my, oh my – how long can one go without hearing about a new controversial topic from our government these days? Welp for me, not too long. That’s from someone who in the past has avoided politics at all cost.

Negativity and news flashes can certainly be negative for your emotional health. I get that.

There has just been a nagging thought and unfortunately fairly consistent reminder that life can bring unforeseen consequences. Homelessness.

It is estimated approximately 63K are homeless out of 8.5 million in NYC. I believe we can safely say that not one of those 63,000 wanted or expected to live without a home in their life.

I’m so saddened, hurt, and confused by the acknowledgment of the potential of that happening in my future – leading me to think, and think, and think some more on what that means for my future family.

We Don’t Know the Future

Have you ever looked at your financial situation, your financial plan, or your financial knowledge and wondered if you truly are doing the right thing?

  • What if index investing doesn’t work in the next 40 years and 40 years from now the stock market no longer exist?
  • If the US goes into a depression or can’t pay its mounting debt with its growing income each year, what does this do to your finances or plans?
  • Are your financial plans able to handle an emergency of something at that magnitude?
  • Can we really ignore politics, disregarding being an activist for causes we care about that benefit the world, and still believe the world will become better the way we believe it should?
  • Are you sure that no matter what happens to your health, your family’s health, or other unforeseen situations will allow you to continue living the comfortable lifestyle you’re used to or envision?

These are just a few of the questions rattling around my brain.

But what can we do?

My grandmother always said the best you can do is your best, and that’s all we can ask of you. Typically after a basketball game to a brewing, competitive youngin in high school.

That quote has stuck with me, because it also carries to personal finance.

We can only our best with the best information we have in our financial lives.

We get insurance for health, cars, and houses.

We invest to grow retirement accounts for our future non-working selves.

We save money to be prepared for emergencies.

We read and filter information the best we can, approaching it rationally without biases to evaluate it effectively.

We donate and attend events so our voices can be heard.

And my goodness, if something happens and all of it was for nothing, I truly believe those who can make ALL of those sacrifices to delay many gratifications today will absolutely find a way to adapt for anything that comes after!


It feels great to be back and writing to you all. I would ABSOLUTELY love to hear your thoughts on our future and how you personally handle any of the thoughts creeping in that might James Bond your master plan.

Thanks for reading!