Today just happens to be one of those free writing days, with a topic that should be addressed in more free form.

Friendships Make Life Worth Living

Joshua Kennon has wrote a theory on friendship that states that true friendship is based on your censorship around that friend. Because relationships suffer when one has to feel guarded on what they can say or how they can act around those “friends.”

Josh doesn’t talk through why this is so important or how to obtain these types of friendships, only states that these people are priceless! And man, we totally agree!

There is nothing better in this world than having a shitty day, taking a look at your phone, and having to choose which of these people do I call?

I end up calling multiple because days like that rarely happen to me as a more stoic, rational person. Feelings are feelings though, and like Jack has said in the past: “Just because you have many things to be thankful for in your life, you are still a person, and because of that, you are like most of us on Earth – you have problems. Address them, don’t hide them!”

So true!

Here’s the thing though fellow Dukes – sometimes to address a problem you must admit it and talk to others about it.

Vulnerability is Key

Have you ever checked out r/confessions, r/askMen, or Ask Women? Well there are people who are just like you that have questions, need guidance, or advice in their life.

We ALL need help sometimes – that is where strong relationships in your life are so important.

There is only one way to get these types of people in your life


How can you expect someone to ask you for advice or come to you when they need some support when you don’t show that you trust them to do the same for you?That is why being strong enough to show vulnerability to the people who you trust, care about, and believe in must be a TWO WAY street.

Self Disclosure – which is the process of disclosing your life, personality, trust, and character to another person in a relationship -must be balanced. If it is one way, the relationship feels off (humans are weird). You must share part of your life with those who share yours.

Here’s the golden ticket question – Who discloses first?

Well that is why vulnerability is key. Self disclosure should be a progressive activity like our taxes. The more you have earned the more you can pay in the friendship. Little by little you give and take, while showing who you are along the way.

Once you feel that friendship is strong, ask yourself – do you trust that person? Can you call them with good news? Do they celebrate your achievements with you?

Then by George let them know so they can celebrate it!

Why this matters in Building a Kingdom

At Duke of Dollar Kingdom, we are striving to be the best people we can be. Financially, we want independence and strength. In life we seek happiness, strong relationships, and great character. Health wise – we spend a bit more on good food, relax to ease the mind, and constantly learn how to be the best we can. The process doesn’t end, you never reach perfection, and that is why we get up each day ready for battle again!

Friendships and the people around you help motivate you, especially when building a castle like you (or are working to travel in an RV). They are the people who fight ideas to make you solidify your thoughts. They add perspective and strength. Charlie Munger consistently tells Warren Buffer “No.” to investing ideas. Together they are one helllllluva a team, that’s what friends do!

And by the way – once you reach financial independence and have all the time you want in the world, who are the best people to spend it with?

You got it….those you trust most, laugh with, hurt with, and trust as you grow through this life adventure together.

Fight through the urge of being an uncut onion, start letting those layers peel as you start filling up that happiness meter in your life!