You may have read the title, looked at the picture, and visited the mind palace to double check your comprehension of Progressive Overload. What in the world does weight training have to do with personal finance or other areas in our life?

If we take a step back to think in mental models like our role model Charlie Munger, then we can see that applying principles from other disciplines can help on our own. Humor us for a moment, allowing us to explain in more detail.

The Story of Milo of Croton

Nearly 2,500 years ago in 540 BC, Milo won his first men’s wrestling competition – displaying outstanding athleticism and strength in the match. He went on to win the next 5 Olympic games!

The story goes as such:

Miloh - A picture of a brown calf standing in grassOne morning, Milo was given a baby calf to care for. Back in those days, water didn’t come out of your kitchen sink nor did food come out of a fridge. His calf’s water and food supply was on top of a mountain/hill. Each day Milo played sack of potatoes by carrying his new friend up the mountain for nourishment. Similarly to our first day at the gym in awhile, he was EXHAUSTED by the time he reached the top; most likely taking a nap while the calf roamed free.

The first week flew by and reaching the top became a piece of cake, well that was until the calf grew like young things do in our world. As the calf grew, Milo grew stronger too – how else could he eventually carry a mature cow on his shoulder up a mountain?

Thus, the principle of progressive overload was born. By gradually increasing the weight one lifts, you gradually increase one’s muscles to meet new heights! Now, where does this fit into personal finance and life?

Beginning Anew

Starting from scratch or from detrimental results in your finances reminds me of poor Milo when he had to carry that calf up the hill for the first time. His body was weak, his legs were wobbling, and his belly began growling. People can start learning personal finance at any age – especially in the internet era. It creates a huge opportunity for us all. The opportunity to start carrying the calf on your shoulder, gaining more strength in your personal finance knowledge bank every day. Turning those little gains into budgets, 401(k) investments, and philosophy.

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again, there’s one way to make your life into the life you dream of. Follow the “do something” principle!! We understand feeling lost in the mumbo jumbo of managing your money, and that’s how the idea of blogging begin. We saw a need to give people a roadmap to their successful personal monetary policy by wielding the most powerful tool in their lives: money.

The principle requires overloading your muscles to build them, then once they have recovered to handle more weight, you increase it. The same can be done for learning about finances. Start simple, build yourself up to more complex.

Start Carrying Your Calf

We talked you through the mental model, the story, and related it to personal finance. Now, here are some tips we recommend for getting started!


  1. Start your journey
    • Our “get started” page introduces you to our blog, helping you to build your financial kingdom!
  2. Subscribe to top financial blogs from Rockstar Finance’s Directory
    1. Read one article a day, then two, then three..overloading your brain as you go
  3. Ask questions!
    1. Each financial blog has a comments section, we want to help change the lives of our readers – have a question for us to help with? Ask it :).
  4. Do Something!
    1. You may not be able to carry your full portfolio up the mountain yet, but start by dedicating time to research how – one small step at a time
    2. Your savings might not be where you want, make your budget and make a few cuts now!
    3. Check out our recommendations and others from your local library

No one can change your life except you. People can help, guide, and support. Take a second to remember how you made it to the moment we call the present. How did you get here? It was a sum of the decisions you’ve made in your life. Are you where you want to be? Either way, you (and also the Master Dukes) have much to be thankful for.

Milo and his calf proved that adding progressively to your life builds into huge results later. Let’s learn from Milo and take advantage of this principle to be better…in finances, and in our life, one small step at a time.