Vivid pictures of dragons breathing burning red flames over the barracks you defend twist and turn in your mind – living the battle scene like it’s a fight for your home land. You look to the left and right, soldiers are fighting for their lives beside you. Smells of smoke and the feeling of sweat pouring out for your pores from the fire the dragon spews. The great dragon flies over with his rider. You look up visioning the shining bright red scales, light reflecting off them like mirrors – you imagine the feeling of the holding on the saddle as you ride over the abyss, taking in the view feeling exhilarated! Your favorite characters become friends as you root for them to succeed throughout the pages you flip, learning more and more about their story.

Hours upon hours of living in your imagination as authors transport your thoughts into a world they create through words. Entertainment all at a zero cost to you! How? My young grasshoppers, the forgotten library remains one of society’s greatest gifts for those on the path to building their financial kingdom.

The History of the Library

Time traveling back to the 1730s, books were affordable only to the rich clergy members and not easily borrowed by the public. Why not? There weren’t libraries for those living in the cities of America yet.

According to the, Ben Franklin and the order of Junto created an opportunity amongst them to share books:

“On July 1, 1731, Franklin and a group of members from the Junto, a philosophical association, drew up “Articles of Agreement” to form a library. The Junto was interested in a wide range of ideas, from economics to solving social woes to politics to science. But they could not turn to books to increase their knowledge or settle disputes, as between them they owned few tomes. But they recognized that via the Junto’s combined purchasing power, books could be made available to all members.

So it was that 50 subscribers invested 40 shillings each to start a library. Members also promised to invest 10 shillings more every year to buy additional books and to help maintain the library. They chose as their motto a Latin phrase which roughly translates as “To support the common good is divine.” Philip Syng, a silversmith who would one day create the inkstand with which the Declaration and Constitution were signed, designed the Company’s seal.”

Thus, the first library began and those on the path to FI/RE are grateful!

One of the best hobbies for FI/RE? Reading!

We’ve talked in the past about extreme dating and also how you can stop the madness to save more in your lives! Diving into a new book satisfies the bored mind. Interested in learning a new skill? Want to learn about Ben Franklin’s life? Do you need a break from real life and enjoy picturing characters in Shardplates fighting with their Shardblades? There’s a book for that!!

Stress Reliever

It’s Sunday evening again after a wonderful, yet busy, weekend. Work this week looks crazy and your mind needs a break before the week begins. You light a few candles, pour yourself a glass of wine, and make an appetizer fit for a Mediterranean diet: pita chips, olives, Greek yogurt, hummus, and feta cheese. Walking over in your light comfy clothes and sitting in your comfiest chair, you open the page marked by your bookmark, then flip on the classical music. The transportation process commences…

Huffington Post – not only can reading reduce stress, it may increase your life expectancy.

A study at Yale “revealed that adults who reported reading books for more than 3 ½ hours per week were 23 percent less likely to die over 12 years of follow-up, compared with those who did not read books”

Knowledge Gainers

People all over the world write books on any topic you have interest in, with a quick google search of reviews to verify their worth the reading time. Experts in productivity or investing have kept their life’s legacy through the pages they write for us. Value investing has continued being practiced thanks to the Intelligent Investor book authored years ago by the great Benjamin Graham. This is an example of the power of just one book of hundreds of millions. Knowledge is power right? Level up your power with a new book!

“In my whole life, I have known no wise people who didn’t read all the time — none, zero. You’d be amazed at how much Warren reads, and at how much I read. My children laugh at me. They think I’m a book with a couple of legs sticking out.” — Charlie Munger

Frugal and comfortable date

A common respite for couples on rainy days is house imprisonment from bad weather in the form of snuggly movie days. Have you instead made the hot cocoa, each opened a new book, and read in the company of your other half? The comfortable silence and admiration for new knowledge creates a cheap date and increases the closeness of two people growing together.

This very simple yet relationship enhancing date can be one of your frugal days leading up to an extravagant experience you desire.

Concluding Thoughts

The library is the go-to resource for the frugal duke or duchess working to build his/her kingdom. We encourage you to head down to your local library (with proof of your address) to sign up today!!