Atlanta Falcons – The Underdogs:


A young team looking to win their FIRST Super Bowl in franchise history (what an achievement). They are led by QB Matt Ryan, who had an amazing year that landed them in Houston to complete one of the biggest stages in the world.


Coming out strong on offense and defense, they had us all thinking it would be a very one-sided, boring game. Their 25-point lead in the 2nd half appeared to be a sure win based on historical statistics of the postseason As the stock market saying goes, “past performance is not an indicator of future success,” it wasn’t in the Super Bowl. The underdog story ended with an overtime championship loss, the first in history.


Underdogs: No matter the current state of the union of your personal finances, you can still make it to your financial super bowl.

Starting strong: The journey of building a strong financial kingdom doesn’t have to be completed in record time. It doesn’t have to start like Tyson Gay from the sprinter blocks. As the Falcons proved, starting strong doesn’t win the game or a roman empire will be your future. The tortoise wins this time friendly race.

Personal finance is a long, constant, and never ending war of decisions that provide reinforcements to your ever growing bank accounts.


New England Patriots – The Veterans


A veteran coach, quarterback, and team looking to strengthen their franchise empire. Multiple records were at stake: most games (5) won by a head coach (Bill Belichick), most passing yards for a game or career in the Super Bowl for a QB (Tom Brady), and many others.


Being down by 25 mid way in the third quarter, chances were slim for the veteran team. Yet they never gave up. With four minutes left in the 4th quarter, down by 8 points, Tom Brady once again led the Patriots down the field, securing a tying touchdown and two-point conversion. In overtime, Patriots return the kickoff needing a touchdown to win, and win they did. Records were set, tears were shed, and the greatest comeback in history was mission completed.


Never give up: Curve-balls happen. Life can hit you hard with an unexpected job loss. Your car may need emergency work to keep it running. You have a long journey ahead of you to spiral back out of debt. Take a deep breath. It’s all good. You can do it, for your future self and family, never give up!

Embrace the challenge: When curve-balls give you every reason to put your head down. When another tough month puts your finances on edge. When it feels like you just can’t get ahead. When you’re down 25 in the third quarter and the past tells you it’s a loss. Its YOUR TIME to take the challenge head on and show the world what your made of! Find the alternative solution and keep on trekking!


You vs You

I can still remember back in my younger days thinking to myself I can’t do one more down-up, my legs are too tired, my shoulders hurt, or I’m running out of energy. Then the team would hear the whistle “wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!!!”

Down, then up we go! Sweating, panting, aching, and hoping for that quick succession of three whistles to end the agony.

Afterwards, you notice that you managed to never miss a down-up. Throughout the battle, you realized, it’s just you vs you to get through the excuses and just do a damn down-up. The coach offers motivation like in Remember the Titans: 4th quarter, 4th quarter, 4th quarter.

Players puke, players scream, and most importantly they continue on! I don’t believe in overworking and understand the side effects this can have. I’m strictly talking positive, character building strength and endurance exercises. In athletics, it doesn’t matter what great motivation your coaches are screaming. It doesn’t matter what excuses you have. There is only one person that will make you do that next up-down. That person..…is you.

Making smart financial decisions initiates the same battle within. Do I really need this? It’s OK if I can treat myself. It’s just one night out at the bars. Do I really need to save this month? Then you see your budget hit red and its back to “oh shit” I made a mistake mode. Just like in athletics, mistakes happen. The greatest part of life stepping up to the plate, adapting and growing to make the better decision next time. To reiterate, it’s truly on you to forge through the strong current of mistakes and be stronger from it.

Long term goals

Background: Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan’s first season was 2008. He tossed it down field 434 times, 16 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. He averaged 215 yards per game with a 3.7 touchdown percentage. Fast forward to 2016. Matt threw 38 touchdowns in 534 attempts with only 7 interceptions. He averaged 309 yards a game for a 7.1 touchdown percentage. From 2008 to 2016, he averaged 94 more yards per game, and increased his passer rating from 93.6 to 117.1 (23.5 increase).

Background: Tom Brady

In the history of football, no team has won after being down by more than 19 points in the post season. The Patriots were down 25. Their team was off in the first half, but they hunkered down, tied up their laces, put their helmets on again, and kept grinding!! They pulled off the great comeback in NFL Superbowl history! I ask you to keep stories like this in your mind as you address your current financial state. You may have credit card debt. You may have a huge chunk of student loans. Your income may not be where you want it to be. It is time to lock down your bank account, stop using your credit cards, begin snowballing your debt, and make the comeback of your life, begin building the life of a duke!

Persistence = Growth

NFL teams and their owners each year strive for the highest glory known to football, winning that Superbowl trophy. Matt Ryan didn’t give up after losing in the wild-card round of the playoffs in 2008. To the contrary, he continued building his body to be in better shape, watched film to be a better quarterback, and worked with his receivers for precision timing. Nine years later, he was quarterback of an unstoppable Falcons offense, racking up 6,653 total offensive yards in the 2016 regular season.


Each day, week, month, and year we go to battle. Spending vs. savings. It is a war with constant struggle as life happens to us all. The winners of wars are those who persist through the losses into the next battle, motivated and ready to win again! Each of us have different financial goals with varying priorities. But we each have a war, as a duke, we are on our road map to victory!!

Concluding comments

Inspiration and motivation comes in many forms. We aspire to inspire you to make a better future, not for us, but for yourself. This week we will be posting our first analysis, completing the budget series, and looking into saving rate correlations. We Look forward to hearing from you!


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