To our fellow countrymen and women:

On this long Independence Day weekend, as you gather with your family, remember that we are all Americans. We are traversing an unprecedented political climate, one that we have searched far and wide for some historical parallel in vain: we have found no situation for comparison and lessons to learn. This is new. And it’s serious. The past six months have been absurdly comical, and we’ve all had a good laugh at memes and jokes. However, the next six months will be significantly more purposeful, as laws and regulations change and more information comes to light about the potential misdeeds of the Trump campaign and administration.

An attempt at impeachment seems to be imminent. If that process begins, we urge all of us to weigh the facts without prejudice. Trust in the rule of law to do the same and to determine the fate of the current administration in the executive branch. Most importantly, look not at your brothers and sisters who oppose you politically as enemies; they are family. A divisive “us vs them” mentality is dangerous. No matter which way the civic wind blows, we must weather this storm as united citizens. In a climate of passionate partisanship and ideology, we need to maintain our calm and not resort to violence or hatred of our fellow man.

Both sides of the struggle wish for America to be better. All of us have different ideas on how to make that happen, but we must remind ourselves that our opposition has the same goal: a better life for themselves, their family, their friends, their neighbors. Let’s achieve that goal together.