A young king and queen are deciding whether or not to celebrate the conclusion of a busy week with an $80 dinner date. Feeling too lazy to wander down the street in search of pricey grub in a chintzy establishment, they opt for grilled cheese and tomato soup at home, saving $75. This particular couple is already on Step XII of the roadmap, and in recognition of their frugal decision, they immediately move $75 worth of silver from their pouches to Ye Olde Brokerage and purchase a single share of ownership of the preeminent bazaar vendor NSRGY. Previous business dealings with Ye Olde Brokerage ensure that the small transaction is costless. The grilled cheese and soup were delicious.

Instead of a single delicious dinner prepared by professional chefs, this power couple has purchased a recurring coffee date: once per year for the remainder of their entire lives.

Every April, Nestle will send them about $2.50 in 2017 dollars, an amount that will grow in excess of inflation. Though they start with simple small, black coffees, by year 10, our king and queen are indulging in lattes. In year 20, they find that coffee is now a bit too harsh on the stomach and decide they want to go on a dinner date after all. Even though they have enjoyed two decades worth of annual coffee, lattes, and eventually full-blown brunch dates from the yearly dividends, they still retain that single share of ownership in Nestle equity.

The couple calls up Ye Olde Brokerage and asks to exchange that share for money so that they can search out a scrumptious meal. When their requested pouch of silver arrives, they’re a bit surprised to see that it is a full three times larger than the $75 worth of shekels they originally deposited. The value of this fiat pocket money has eroded a bit in the intervening period, but they can still afford two dinner dates from the capital gains of their Nestle shares.

A single night’s decision to delay gratification, an astoundingly simple investment, and twenty-two delightful dates later: the king and queen, a bit grayer and wiser, fondly reflect on just how good that grilled cheese and soup tasted.