Here at Duke of Dollars, we have a saying from one of our favorite shows (Martin) – “Dukes Love Da Kids!” Today, we have a guest post on – which was started once the realization that the financial house needed to be ordered upon the arrival of little ones into the family.  Below is a quick snippet, followed by a link to the full post! Enjoy!

Are you a basket or a cart person? 

A question we all have to ask ourselves when we decide the frequency of our trips to the good ol’ grocery store. Depending on your drive, you may go less frequently and choose to buy in bulk (cart person), or more regularly because lucky you – the store is on your way home (basket person).


Have you ever dreamed of what the world could be without the necessary time-waster of grocery shopping?

Dream no longer! In this guest post, I want to prove to you that you can save time by paying to have groceries delivered right to your door: leaving you with more time to Netflix, video game, read, or do pretty much ANYTHING. There is nothing more in my life more frustrating than walking BACK AND FORTH, UP AND DOWN, ALL AROUND those blasted aisles searching for the last item on my list. It drives me NUTS!

Read the rest by clicking on the link below 🙂

How I Save Money by Paying for Amazon Fresh Each Month