Crazy week and guess what, it is Tuesday! We had originally planned 3 posts for the week, but I could not hold in the news. I was featured on a podcast yesterday!

Why was I Featured?

We explained our new openness towards Duke of Dollars in our manifesto and recognized the fact that being high earners puts us in a good position to achieve financial independence. At the end of the day, our mission for the blog is to help our fellow citizens be the best they can, and if that means starting from a tough place, we’re supporting you all the way!

Speaking of being in a tough place, when I first graduated from college – my student loans were above average and I had my own car loan. For someone just starting in a career, this meant that my net worth was in the red! -60K in the red! Through my efforts these last few years, it has is now in the GREEN: ~50K!

Higher income percentiles do indeed help make the journey to positive net worth easier, but it DOES NOT, I repeat DOES NOT, guarantee it. Do you think Johnny Depp’s high income led to financial success for him? It put him in ruin. How could a full book be written reviewing the real lifestyle of millionaires in the US if there weren’t so many PAW (Poor Accumulators of Wealth) out there?

So yes, I fully accept and am grateful for my position, but I can’t apologize for it. There were many nights in the office that I was the only reason the lights were on. There were many times I sat in my apartment reading a book or watching Netflix instead of spending money as I saved and saved to pay off these evil debt barbarians. I’ve had many of dinners with friends at restaurants where I ate before going and ordered an appetizer with water because they were the reason I was there, not the food. Here I was utilizing the library to get my entertainment, saying no to Game of Thrones on HBO even though I wanted to watch it something awful. Rice has continued to be a staple in my diet, along with dry beans that are made in the slow cooker. My dry racks continue to save me from spending quarters in the dryers at the laundromat, and my clothing ban continues as I utilize Mental Models to guard against those pesky marketing strategies for consumerism. Checking Mint to categorize my expenses, making plans and budgets with Excel, and also checking loan amortization calculations to see just how much I’ll save based on that final payment date. I’ve read countless blogs from the community and have been called frugal, crazy, or smart depending on which friend I’m talking to.

And as I sat here listening to Andy give a few praises of my mindset, it is from Jack and from my grandmother that I can attribute the lessons from great people who sparked the fire to my personal finance passion. The last few years have without a doubt had their sacrifices, yet due to credit card hacking, I’ve been able to gain some experiences along the way. I’m thankful, and I’m fortunate. Lastly, I AM FIRED UP! My debt journey continues! Join in on the fun Dukes!

 Check it out: Andy’s Marriage Kids and Money Podcast!

Andy talks about the Money Master of the Week ~47:50, but we encourage you to listen to the whole thing!