Good morning, afternoon, or evening our fellow Dukes!

In our first post on milestones, we mentioned a couple who paid off debt by living in a camper. We reached out to them a few weeks ago and asked if we could publish a guest post! It’s been posted!

How To Take Advantage of Your 401(k) Right Now

We mixed in a bit of Eric Thomas’s Thank God It’s Monday video vernacular. The post explains some of the strategies behind investing in your 401(k)s, and shows the difference in how much over time it can lead to!

Here are a few snippets:

“The traditional 401(k) is a qualified employer sponsored investment account that employees make pre-tax contributions to each paycheck.”

Pre-tax means the contribution is deducted before taxes infiltrate your gross amount of earnings. Paying pre-tax now means you will then be paying these taxes on withdrawals in the future instead.”

“Say this with me: “More Money Invested!!!”

“Bring it in….bring it in…say it again “More Money Invested!!”

“Save on taxes + more money invested to compound + Free Money = Triple Threat Results!”

We definitely appreciated this opportunity and think you will enjoy it! Check it out and let us know what you think!