[Good morning Dukes! We wrote a new guest post on Free Money Finance about thinking rationally, learning mental models, and applying them to personal finance! Below are a few snippets, followed by a link to the full post! Enjoy!]

“In our adventure through life, we are constantly making decisions. In fact – a study was done that left me flabbergasted. I mean, who would have thought on an average day, adults make an estimated…”

“But life isn’t always so easy, and with the short-cuts we’ve developed as humans to tackle the onslaught of decisions each day, it is in our best interest to …!”

“Mental Models are your toolbox for making decisions!”

Where Did Mental Models Come From?

“Mental models were made famous by Warren Buffet’s partner in crime, Charlie Munger…”

Three Mental Models to Heed in Personal Finance…

Learn about how to utilize mental models by checking out the article – click below!!

Three Mental Models for Personal Finance