We were honored to write a guest post as part of The Green Swan‘s FIRE-Side chat series this week. It was a great opportunity for us to share more of our story to the personal finance community, and also share some of the perspectives we have for the blog. It marks the first time in the blog’s history of being called the dynamic duo – very excited about this LOL!

Take a break from work today and have a seat at the fire with us.Check out the FIRE-Side chat here!

The posts on our blog have been coming two authors. Here’s a snippet of our intros of the guest post:

Chris -> I’m the younger of the two authors: a recent college graduate who endured financial hardship during those years. My parents, who provided for me throughout my life, were in trouble. This instability at home meant I had to get a job, change my mindset very quickly, and start adulting! I went from caring about Xbox Live to instead working so I could pay for my college education. I sought to stabilize my financial environment and also to become a steward of my own time. Both of these mindsets have been the driving forces in my life since, and I’m hoping to inspire the younger crowd to hop on the bandwagon early. The sooner you start on your financial journey, the easier it is to take control!

Jack -> I’m at the tail end of a white collar career. At an age when many of my peers are moving into middle management or senior leadership roles, I’m ready to jump out of the rat race entirely. I developed a lucrative and specialized skill set that allowed me to sell my time to the highest bidder in a global market. I married young and set roots in an area with a low cost of living. Combining a keen sense of frugality with a high income, I was able to sock away a substantial amount of money early in my life. Helped along by a perfectly timed recession and subsequent bull market, my passion for investing turbocharged my retirement efforts, and I’m on the verge of submitting my notice. But first – I have some loose ends to tie up and a few extraneous goals to meet while my marketable skills are at their peak. In other words, I suffer from onemoreyearitis. Part of my blogging efforts are intended to encourage me to more clearly defined my goals and strategies for pulling the escape hatch. While younger readers will benefit from Chris’s fresh and dope outlook (and his memes), the older cohort can tag along for my last couple years on the corporate treadmill.


That means two different journeys and two different perspectives for our Dukes. We’ve been motivated to update our about us page soon to reflect this, and look forward to spreading more knowledge to the community.

We appreciate you reading our posts – we have passed 7K views!!! Have any questions or topic suggestion? Let us know!

End the week with FIRE!