Good morning Dukes! As we continue to follow our new manifesto and share more of our story, I took on the Financially Alert Interview questions from Michael @ Financially Alert. Below is a quick snippet, followed by the link to the full post! Enjoy!

Walk me through how and why you started your personal finance blog? Was the decision easy or hard, why?  What’s your core message you’re trying to share?

How it started:

The way starting a blog happened for us, since Duke of Dollars has two authors, was through Jack and I continuously talked about finances and financial decisions.

He helped spark the flame to owning my personal finance roadmap, and as I was early in my career; it made a huge difference to have someone to share ideas with. I eventually became fluent in the language of personal finance – people in my life began asking me for advice too.

This ended up with me asking Jack if he wanted to help change the world. How? By pointing people in the right direction for money and lifestyle choices through words, and kabam!!! Duke of Dollars was born!

Illustrate a time you made (or saved) money that was so impactful it launched you into a state of euphoria (ie. It made you REALLY happy!).

  • Having a car loan left over from college meant that each month money was sent over to the bank. I worked a side job at night, while working 50-55 hours a week to eventually get that sucker paid off. Eventually, I did just that! The euphoria was amazing, with the car title being safe and sound in my fire proof lockbox.
  • A year later, my car was hit while parked…totaling it! It wasn’t worth much as it was…

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Financially Alert Interview!