Good morning Dukes! As we continue to follow our new manifesto and share more of our story, I was ecstatic for the opportunity to answer questions on ESI Money‘s scale. Below is a quick snippet, followed by a link to the full post! Enjoy!

ESI Scale Interviews are explained with this snippet: “…the series focuses on what the interviewee is doing in the areas of earning, saving, and investing. They also get an opportunity to ask ESI Money readers for suggestions if they choose to do so.”


Please tell us a bit about yourself. (age, spouse if applicable, plus how long you’ve been married, kids/family, area of the country you live in, etc.)

Hi everyone – I’m Chris (one of the two writers) over at Duke of Dollars!

I’m still a young Duke in the early stages of building my financial kingdom, living in the suburb of a large city within the US.

Even with the urban environment, I regularly take trips to surrounding rural areas to enjoy the beautiful overlooks, parks, hiking trails, and other outdoor activities that keep me thriving throughout the summer. Nature has really been one of the best ways for me to transition from the consumer lifestyle thrust upon us in the US, and enjoy the frugal lifestyle of free experiences. Many of which lead to mesmerizing picture for the fam.

My passion for personal finance came from a very simple conversation with Jack (our Sr. Personal Finance Guru) that introduced me to Sharon’s Muffin Calculator. Making a long story a bit shorter, he informed me of the reason he kept a sports bottle of water in his car to drink on the way home. Stopping and buying a bottle of water every day (after work for example) would contribute a total of $10 per week or $7,200 in 15 years of expenses; contrarily, you could invest that same $10 a week for 15 years at a 5% return to accrue $11,000 towards your net worth instead!

This silly Muffin Calculator was the main contributor to one of my life’s epiphany moments: small daily or weekly habits lead to large results in all areas of life….see more of my interview by clicking the link below!

ESI Scale Interview!

SN – yes we’ve had two guest posts in a row this week! Don’t worry :). I’ll be giving an update on my great war of debt and my trip to Spain late this week.