We have a new guest post for you MSO Life today! Moose recently posted lessons from his grandparents on Duke of Dollars, and we felt that his site embodied many of our same beliefs in the PF world. Below is a snippet followed by the link – hope you enjoy!

Thank you Moose for the honor trusting me to post a bit of my story on MSO life!

Growing up, debt was a common word that many people used when talking about credit cards, car loans, and mortgages. It was a word brought forth when the house phone rings and no one wants to answer the “debt collector” calls.

Debt was this foreign concept to a young gentleman like myself, who never really had to worry about finances until college….where life happened, resulting in the realization that my future – the thing we all have dreams for – was totally in my own hands.

What the heck is debt?

Debt has an easy definition from Google:

  1. A sum of money that is owed or due.
  2. The state of owing money
  3. A feeling of gratitude for a service or favor


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