Long time no see everyone!

We’ve been trying to catch up and keep up with life while making sure to get at least one post out to you all each week! It has been an awesome last few weeks (I’ve been home only 2 of the 5) as travel has been on my brain :).

Don’t worry about a thing – I’ll be sharing the stories and pictures with you all of the trips, and also how in the world I have kept on with my debt free journey while enjoying the places I’ve visited.

Speaking of debt! We wanted to share a story that was posted a month ago, but we just realized happened! I was featured on debt.com!!

Both Jack and I have been sharing more of our stories with you all and it has been a blast. Brian (article author) reached out to me to see if I would be interested in sharing my story, and hopefully motivating others to become debt free. I said yes of course!!

Check out the article below and let us know what you think!

How Chris Went From Playing Xbox to Paying Off Debt

SN – we have some awesome guest posts on the way from queens of their kingdom and also a few of our own on fellow blogs. We’re happy to announce summer is finally here and that we still love writing on the blog, learning from you all, and reading articles in the personal finance community! Keep building!