Ov’r by the kingdom inn, we regularly taketh noteth through our spy glass, a pleth’ra of youngins ex’rcising in the meadow.

No cost, equipment free workouts under the only star in our solar system, might just be one of the best investments that a member our Kingdom can make.

We take health seriously in the kingdom, and the Nike Fitness Club app is one of our favorite ways to do so!

In this post, we are introducing a new word in our Kingdom dictionary…Phit. See the definition in the article somewhere below 😀

Make Routines Simple

A key principle to living a fulfilling life requires enabling time savers to regular routines within it.

Spending 20 minutes (instead of 5) each morning to make coffee, because your coffee pot is hidden behind your pots and pans, your coffee beans are lost in the pantry, and all of your mugs are dirty is what we like to call asininity. We believe routines should be easy to perform.

In this article, we are talking about workouts! The average duke, or Joe, isn’t competing in body weight competitions – so why not make an active life easy for yourself? Many people find the actions required to workout – like making the workout agenda, researching exercises for different body parts, or learning how to properly perform the found exercises – become a nightmare!

Well let’s stop the madness!

The Nike Fitness Club App

My wonderful girlfriend recommended this app for one of our couple work outs, and I am so glad she did! This beautiful app from Nike makes working out easy, simple, and challenging.

Freely Available on Android and iPhone

I’d say phones are pretty common here in the US, with 95% of American Adults owning a device (77% of that own a smartphone).

SN – For those interested, 95% adults is equivalent to 256,822,524 people! Approx. 98% of these people own either an Android or iPhone operating system.

That means overall, we can estimate that 251,686,073 people in the United States can workout without equipment or gym memberships to stay healthy and active at no cost (download links here: Nike Training Club App Site).

This new phenomenon from now on will be called Phit (Financially and Physically fit). 

Nike Fitness Club Workouts and Plan

The Nike Fitness Club App has a few different options to choose workouts. Either option that is explained below still provides you with an interface you can see here (Nike Training Club App Site), which gives you real time videos of each exercise during the workout.

Phone screenshot that shows an exercise title with a GIF showing the exercise.

I find this SUPER useful when they announce an exercise you haven’t heard of – just take a quick look at the athlete on the screen – and WOOT, you now know a new exercise and are ready to work!

Personalized Plan

Once you create an account, take a look at the Workout menu, third tab – “My Plan.” From there, you can enter your information like equipment available (none is an option), workouts you want per week, whether to include running (heck no for me!), and the difficulty you want.

Based on these selections the app creates a workout plan tailored to you.

A screenshot of the Nike Fitness Club's personal workout plan screen

Digging a bit further into this, what I found to be a great touch after using the app for a few weeks, it allows you to update your plan details (with recommendations), and even suggest workouts on the first tab labeled “For you” based on your history.

Talk about an easy workout planning task!

Pick Your Own Workout

Another type of workout selection offered in the app doesn’t require a plan or tailored options. You can click on the second tab “Workouts” to choose a specific type of workout you want that day.

Your able to sort, filter, and choose different categories based on the type or length you are looking to crush!

A screenshot of the Nike Fitness Club App that shows the different workout types     A screenshot of the no equipment workouts in the Nike Fitness Club App

Progress Tracking

Tap on the 3 bars at the top left (hamburger menu), then select “Activity.” From this view you can checkout the total number of workouts and amount of time you’ve spent being Phit.

Scrolling down the page a bit further, workouts are broken down by month. The high level details again are there in the list, along with the workout you completed.

It really is a nice finish to the app that let’s you showoff how much priority you’ve given health in your life, or a quick glance to get back in gear for this week!

Compare the results with your friends and you have found yourself an easy accountability counter!!

A screenshot of the Nike Fitness Club app showing my recent workouts and activity

Importance of Health in Personal Finance

Healthcare costs are skyrocketing in the US, creating a huge focus on asking the question – “How can I afford to retire early and afford insurance? Not diving into the details here, we will leave that to a future post. Exercising goes a LONG way into keeping healthy, in turn reducing the risk of those life changing, retirement ending diseases or health issues.

Look – we get it.

Workout plans take time, especially with no prior experience and a focus on frugality prevents you from hiring a trainer. Utilizing an app that does the heavy lifting for you – now that’s how the Duke community rolls!

SN – another imperative part of maintaining good health comes down to the food you put in your body. Home-cooked healthy meals make a huge different in your looks, energy, and longevity.

No More Excuses!

I’m too busy. I don’t have time. I don’t know how to make a workout. I can’t afford a personal trainer. I don’t know where to even start working out. Man, I just don’t have the equipment for home workouts.


Everyone – yup, everyone on this beautiful planet has the exact same time from midnight to midnight – 24 hours. We live in an age with the free most time EVER thanks to the technological advances in the last few decades. No more excuses!

First and foremost, it isn’t that you don’t have time.

You do.

What you really don’t have is your priorities straight. You, your health, and your wellness are top. Numero uno. Now take a look into your work schedule, evenings, or weekends. Schedule AT LEAST two 30 minute workouts a week.

Second, and just as important, you are no longer doing any of the following:

  • “going to workout”
  • “have to exercise”
  • “getting through these exercises”

Language is powerful, especially the language we use in our heads.

Instead, you are “taking time to make my body stronger, healthier, and live longer in the next 30 minutes!”

If that doesn’t make you want to workout….I just don’t know what else can!

SN – you can checkout one of the main mental models of exercise from our story of Mile here: Build Your Personal Finance Strength Using Milo’s Progressive Overload Principle