Graduating from college about four years ago, I realized as my bills started being due that there was a lot of work to do. Sacrifices and learning to say no. Budgeting, credit card hacking, and enjoying my 20s. It was when I truly decided that a debt-free future was my long-term goal over the next few years!

I have finally done it!! ~4 years and ~100K worth of debt has been eliminated. The bad guys have been defeated and the good guys have triumphed!

Debt Break Down:

In total over the years, here are the loans and debts I’ve paid down.

College Car (totaled)~6K
New Car~15K
Student Loans~77K


I’m so happy to finally be debt free after, the debt gremlins have finally been put to rest! In the future, I’ll try to post a detailed explanation of everything I did to help make this happen and what in the world is next – for now, celebration time!!