“The Name’s Bond.”

“James Bond”

These classic words from the debonair 00 British Secret Service agent are known around the world.  Based on Ian Fleming’s 12 novels, the legendary James Bond first appeared on theatre screens in 1963, when the first movie – Dr. No – was released. The franchise has been the longest-running film series in history!

For more than 50 years, this suit wearing MI 6 division commander saved the world ~24 times.

His manners are top notch; coinciding a luxurious lifestyle that’s attributed to his knowledge of top-shelf alcoholic drinks, love of fast European manufactured cars, confident demeanor, and cultured characteristics that have stood the test of time as the standard for being a true gentleman.

Times have changed since Sean Connery took on the now famous James Bond role, so we must ask ourselves the following question:  Is James Bond’s lifestyle still the epitome of an elegant gentleman??

James Bond History and Numbers from the Legacy

Ian Fleming was irked by the inability to live the life he dreamed of. Motivated by his brother being in the military, he authored the ultimate spy stories! Personally, I find the books to be more enjoyable than the action-packed films; but, I feel that both are time well spent!

There is no mistaking that the movies have filled the Eon Production’s money coffers to the brim!!! Let’s look at few stats taken from 007james.com

The numbers are adjusted for inflation and in accordance with the CPI



The James Bond character has been played by 6 different actors; each one making bank!



Now the debate begins – who was the best Bond?

I thoroughly enjoyed Sean Connery’s performances, and the movies back in the early days had a better feel to them in my humble opinion. It felt much less based on action and much more on the plot, let us really see the character of Bond — demonstrating the characteristics so well known today. Pierce Brosnan came in a close second, but the action based movies to me didn’t give enough time to enjoy more punch lines (an example coming later in the post). [Note from Jack: Brosnan is the quintessential Bond.]

Unfortunately, in the bond series, there are various scenes between him and the lovely bond ladies that are a bit too aggressive to us. Maybe this is why I feel pretty strongly that Dukes are the better gentlemen these days.

Who’s your favorite bond? Let us know in the comments!

What Makes James Bond a Gentleman?

Top Shelf Indulgences

“Vodka Martini…….shaken not stirred”

Throughout the movies, 007 orders various top-shelf liquors, sometimes stating preferences for limited edition bottles.

Here are a few examples:

Drinks from the movie Spectre, written up by www.eater.com 

Groomed, Tailored, & Irresistible

Tom Ford or Brioni Suits

Even as 007 loses suitcases, changes countries, and continuously escapes imminent danger – he always finds a way to look dapper. His tailored suits from Tom Ford are quite the quality….and price tag: ~$5,500 each!!!

Pierce Brosnan wearing a black tux, white collared shirt, and black bow-tie holding a vodka martini glass.

Image from: http://www.jbsuits.com

Manners and Confidence That Always Get the Girl

In each movie, Bond is able to use great manners, confidence, and mysteriousness to woo any girl he encounters. It’s as made up as the Axe Effect. He’s calm and composed. Always the man with the plan, knowing what to do even when the situation looks dire. James Bond never gives up and always, always goes back to save the girl!

M (his manager) gives him the opportunity to take leave on the government’s dime after saving the world, and the movies never show him doing so without a companion along for the adventure.

As stated above, we don’t condone the aggressiveness in some of the interactions he has. We treat our other halves with respect and love at the Duke of Dollars Kingdom.

5-star Only World Traveller

Not only does Mr. Bond stay in beautiful hotels in fabulous places, he does so in the best rooms such as the presidential or VIP suite. Here are a few places he stayed in the different films:

Drives fast expensive cars

Here are just three of the many cars throughout the bond movies. The prices below are the current price, not the prices from the past. In the books, James Bond actually drove a pre-war Bentley, but Goldfinger made one of the cars below famous: any idea which?



  1. Aston Martin DB10 – ~$500,000
  2. Aston Martin DB5 – $1,000,000+
  3. Toyota 2000 GT – $560,000

The answer is the DB5 – the most famous car in the world thanks to the Bond movies.

Always Completes the Mission

In our culture, the commitment and consistency bias mental model is a staple of being successful. We want to be friends with and trust people who are consistent and do what they commit to.

How many missions has James Bond failed out of the 24 we’ve had the opportunity to watch? 0.

This important trait is very gentleman-like because of how valuable that is with a future partner.

Technologically Sound

One of my favorite scenes that show the relationship between 007 and the quartermaster. It is a challenge to stop laughing after the punch line @~1:20 :

“Just took a few seconds Q…”

The New Age Gentleman – A Master Duke!

In this essay, we’re stating that standards for being a gentleman have changed. It’s time we define a new class of gentlemen; we’ve stated our reasons below.

It Costs too Much to live like Mr. Bond!!

According to CNBC, it would cost $1,500,000 to live like James Bond in the movie Spectre – an $800,000 apartment, $250,000 car, $6,000 watch, $4,000 suit, $2,100 hotel, $850 phone, and that doesn’t even include the plane tickets!

The movie is only 2 hours long! To achieve FIRE using the 4% withdrawal rate, Bond would need more than 5 MILLION dollars invested.

SN – the movies fail to mention that Bond was only able to spend like this while on missions. His focus for most of the year is on paperwork and intelligence. When duty calls for an out of state assignment (once or twice a year),  he uses the unlimited bankroll of the British Government to fund his lifestyle.

On the other side of this lavish spectrum comes the Dukes of the Duke of Dollar Kingdom. Although the opportunity to take on some Extreme Dating does happen within the budget, our life choices are not even close to the luxurious Mr. Bond.

Because Dukes live frugally and live with end goals in mind, we are able to spend much less – reducing the FIRE number we require. Why does this matter? Because instead of fancy vacations, expensive cars and watches, we indulge in our newfound time by building relationships in our lives – increasing our overall happiness!

We want to also note that once we have achieved our kingdoms, saving up and going to extravagant places can be on the bucket list! Tell us in the comments some of the ideas you have for FIRE. What will you do with your new time?

Do Cars and Clothes Matter? Stability is better!

The Financial Independence lifestyle might not create the most extravagant dates or the designer clothes and suits, but it allows for the most important things in your life.

Have you always wanted a classic car or fancy suit but don’t think you can afford it?

Once your kingdom is built, we say go for the gusto! Financial Independence isn’t about withholding from the dreams you have; it’s quite the opposite, leading you to better control your life to get the things you truly want. All it takes is a commitment, some creativity, and lots of hard work!

[Jack: sometimes my wife and I will dress to the 9’s and “play fancy” for a date. This doesn’t always involve a huge dinner bill or ritzy hotel, but we make a point to adopt overly debonair mannerisms for the night. Netflix in PJ’s is just as fun

The best part of being a Duke? You don’t NEED the fancy life. You can hold the door of a Camry for any lucky lady and she will love you just the same!!

In Millionaire Next Door, the fancy clothes and cars that the U.A.W.s (Under Achievers of Wealth) have are not quite so fancy to the bank account. 

Late on a car payment? How about struggling to pay off the car? How about the mortgage? These are things of the past…Dukes use their wealth to rid themselves of the gremlin armies of debt!

By doing so, we open up our lifestyles to focus on passions instead of stressing out to pay those we owe. We budget, we invest, and we prepare for curve-balls. This financial stability leads to knocking out one of the biggest stresses in relationships – finances.

Like the great Bobby McFerrin wrote for us…don’t worry, be happy.

Happy Families Require Commitment

Time with family is an imperative part of your life. You can’t help one of your family’s mini-dukes as they learn the basic multiplication tables if you’re not there when they begin studying them. Dinner at home with the family leads to healthier and happier family members.

Working overtime and long hours once you’re out of the “grind years,” does nothing but take time away from those you care about the most. Our journey to a financial kingdom contests this!

Once you have that F-You money, overtime is a thing of the past – allowing you to focus on priority numero uno – your family!

Dukes Build Homes Not Bachelor Pads

There is a huge difference between real, unwavering, and trust-filled love relationships compared to quick, passionate, fly-bys. Builders of a financial kingdom understand the importance a spouse in their life, so they choose carefully. They add to their happiness for years vs minutes or hours.

You may not get every girl you want or have them automatically at the drop of your name. Ladies may not unrealistically fall in love with you after hours stuck on a train, but you will have that very special person in your life who gives you gifts money just can’t buy!

By being a Duke, instead of a 00 womanizer such as Bond, the only thing you chase after are brave, intelligent spouses with longevity as the motivation to build a wonderful life. One of the most important decisions you make in your life is who you marry, not who you hook up with!

Dukes build homes, not bachelor pads.

It’s like the old question to any gentleman goes: “If you had a daughter or son, how would you want them to be treated?” I’d prefer an answer from those who have financial kingdoms and respect in mind.

Are Fancy Dates a thing of the Past?

We’d never suggest such a thing!

Going on a date with your loved one doesn’t require a fancy car or even a fancy dinner. A fancy date with suits and a beautiful dress, make-up, and candles can be an extravagant experience every once in awhile – plus it’s super romantic. We, of course, are fans of the Extreme Dating policy.

Dukes can afford this without having to suffer the consequences due to their overall financial stability mentioned above.

Just as fun, heading to the grocery store in your sweats and buying your favorite foods (and dessert of course!). Getting back home, you turn the Bluetooth speaker volume up, preheat the oven, and let the cooking collaboration begin…adding in some dances to your favorite song with your other half as you wait!

funny dancer animated gif image

Disclaimer – I can’t do this LOL [Jack: me neither, but I try]

Once the meal has finished and you both have sung too much and danced until your feet hurt, light the candles on your dinner table, dim the lights, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Concluding Thoughts

Our responsibility, motive, and passion has been and will continue to be passing on the values to live that successful life so many dream of. Being a gentleman doesn’t require unlimited funds from the British government.

We hope to have convinced you that the new age of being a gentleman has begun, join us as we change the culture to appreciate the truly finer things in life: time, communication, trust, respect, and fun.

Lastly, although the idea of being a gentleman feels like it mostly relates to the behavior of men, in actuality women have the choice of accepting the different traits that men strive for. In other words, it is just as important for women to decide what the definition of a gentleman is because men are incentivized (as in, they want to find a spouse) to acquire the behaviors associated with that definition. If women ever fawn over men in high heels, you won’t be able to hear yourself think over the click-clack of 5″ manpumps. Likewise, a dating culture that frowns upon objectification and womanizing will help to encourage young bucks to max out their respect games. We are hopeful that the cultural winds are blowing in that right direction.

What gentleman traits do you think are most important to exhibit or require? Do you agree or disagree with our case study?

Tell us what you think by leaving a comment – we’d love to discuss it with you!

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