The way you style your hair can drastically upgrade to improve your overall sex appeal, attractiveness, and what I call put-togetherness. What if you could avoid long lines at the barber shop while adding 100K to your net worth over the next 40 years? You can!!

The perspective I have on this is from the male point of view and works best with buzz cuts – it would be wonderful if we had any of our great female personal finance bloggers to help put the puzzle together for the community! Interested? Let us know!

First – What is put-togetherness?

Leaders and aspiring leaders in Corporate America have to look the part, to be the part. We’re told to dress and tailor your looks to conform to the managers or executives at least two levels from where you currently land on the ladder. Am I saying you have to do this? No. Am I saying it could help your overall income by getting you promotions? Definitely.

Joshua Kennon has written about signaling theory, and MANY of thought leaders write about your personal brand and image. Your clothes and hairstyle put out signals to others in your organization radioing to them what kind of person you are based on how you look.

Are you on top of your tasks? Do you look like a leader? Do you have the mentality and look of one?

This is what I consider to be the metric of your “put-togetherness,” and I would posture that it’s important to back up the signal with excellent work, and strong work ethic!

Although we’re taught not to judge a book by its cover, reality proves people do.

James Bond is the epitome of being put together!!

James bond in black and white, leaning on his aston martin from one of the old james bond films.

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Haircuts aka Time Sucks

Keeping the external appearance of your put-togetherness requires regular grooming, aka haircuts, aka TIME SUCK!

You can walk-in and risk sitting FOREVER before getting a seat, or you can make the call ahead of time for your spot. Either way, our time has been spent doing so. Next, you have to most likely drive or bike to the salon or barber shop – yes, even more time. Finally have to get your hair cut, describe what you would like and small talk for 30 minutes while the work is done by the barber. After this is all said you done, you pay, leave, and drive home.

Two hours later you are groomed and have your put-togetherness one point closer to 10/10! All of these steps are required on a regular pattern since our hair just keeps growing!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a haircut and keep stop our hair from growing until we were ready to switch styles? Don’t even get me started on shaving…

The Numbers

Cost and Frequency


According to Square data – the average haircut in the US cost $28 for men and $44 for women. Averaging these two out, we get $36 per haircut.

This can really take a chunk out of a budget each month, or more depending on how often you go!


Unable to find any available data on the average haircut frequency, I will use myself as the guinea pig.

Short haircut styles ->

I easily go to the barbershop. The haircuts are much quicker but still require a line-up, a process where the barber edges up the lines of your haircut with a trimmer and straight edge razor. We’ll say on the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month is when I get the full haircut (costing $25) and on the 2nd and 4th weeks, I get my hair shaped up ($15). Totalling to $80 a month!

Long haircut styles ->

My haircuts are much less frequent when rocking out the longer haircut styles or mohawk like J. Money. The difference is the need for a saloon versus a barber, meaning I spend more money per cut. Typically this will run up to the $40 amount and happen twice a month.

Both styles can total up to $80 dollars a month.

SN – I don’t actually follow this schedule because of my Great War of Debt, but my put-togetherness does decrease because of it. Part of the sacrifice!

Gas ->

For number’s sake, we will assume that heading to your barber shop cost you 1 gallon of gas per month – costing on average $2.50.

It isn’t much but hey every little bit counts!

Time ->

If you make at least $50,000 a year, your hourly rate will be at least around $25 / hr, not including taxes and/or commute expenses.

4 haircuts a month, each takes 2 hours of your time with travel included – 8 hours total.

In summary, in one month your haircuts cost the following:

With time factored in

$282.50 = $80 + $2.50 + (8*$25)

Without time factored

$82.50= $80 + $2.50

At least coffee makes you more productive right?

What’s the Alternative? Save + Invest!

Would you believe me that if you cut your own hair for 40 years instead of buying haircuts, you would have ~$100,000 more to your name????

A chart and report from showing the investment path getting to 98 thousand in 40 years.

Calculator used here:

Here’s how much could be saved even without investing it (no inflation factored in)

  • $80 a month
  • $960 a year
  • 19,200 in 10 years
  • 38, 400 in 20 years
  • 76,800 in 40 years

Chris! I’m interested – where do I start?

There are two required steps.

Step 1 (required): Buy haircut clippers, an interesting doodad

Here are clippers create for self-haircuts on Amazon:

Reminginton Clippers

Haircut clippers that fit in the palm of your hand - red and silver, with blades for the actual cut.

This gadget was created specifically for self haircuts and it is wonderful to use – Master Duke tested and approved!

Step 2 (required): Watch the How-To Cut My Own YouTube Videos

Here’s the link for searching: How to Cut my Own Hair on Youtube

Or here’s a video to make life easier for you:

That’s it. You’re Ready!

Did you use the article to save money? Post a comment with a picture of your new haircut!!

Let us know in the comments if you have any tips for saving money or if you cut your own hair! We’d love to hear from you.

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