Come hither to our next stop (III) on your road to building a financial kingdom, committing to financial stability!

As a young duke, you’ve gathered your resources and created your budget to track your cash flow. These foundational steps have shown you are dedicated. ‘Tis the time to solidify this dedication!

Are you committed to financial stability?

Committing to financial stability means that you are willing to make sacrifices in order to meet your goals. It means you are willing to spend your time regularly to track and improve upon them.

You spend brainpower and attention to grow your knowledge. Financial goals are lifetime goals. It’s like saying I do, promising to keep them for better or worse, in sickness and health, and being faithful as companies try to push you towards more consumption.

Financial Stability - A woman puts on the ring to her husband.


Are you ready to change your life? Are you committed? Will you say I do for a better life as you design your empire?

Why should you commit to financial stability?

Typically speaking, would you get in your car and drive randomly without any direction or end destination in mind?

What if you were to get in your car, and every 3rd road, you take a left or right turn. If you did this, without stopping to get directions and not deciding on a destination through the day, what would happen?

You would end up totally lost.

Now tell us, why do people wander through their WHOLE life with no direction on where they want their finances to be?

They don’t have goals or milestones that help them reach their dreams. They never sit down to create the architecture they want to build in their life. We believe that people inherently want to be the best they can, but find it hard to follow the “Do something” principle.

Learning a new skill, sitting down and thinking about where you want to be, or reading financial blogs is something you must do. Finding the right financial moves you should make is challenging. Financial blogging has taken off, leaving those looking to grow their knowledge in a Paradox of Choice.

This is why we created this blog, to help people like ourselves with a roadmap. We require only you commit your time and effort as you build your kingdom.

Three reasons to commit

  1. Writing down your goals increases the likelihood you achieve them!
  2. Just like marriage, committing to your finances will help you stay on the right path as life temps you to veer. Both provide the fulfilling life you want and the happiness you desire!
  3. Long-term goals broken down into short-term milestones give us the motivation and inspiration to stay on track

How to commit to financial stability?

During the construction phase (step VII), we will help you create a milestone map. In your foundation, our ask is to commit from the overall objective perspective. It will help remind you WHY you’re making sacrifices and spending the time to achieve your dreams.

Three steps to say I do to your finances

  1. Decide on your objective
    • Examples:
      • Financial Independence
      • Debt free
      • Peace of mind
      • Live a wealthy life
  2. Retrieve your pen + pad
    • Write the following:

I, <insert name here>, fully commit myself to building mine own financial kingdom .

I shall make sacrifices, spend time learning, and use the energy required to build thy kingdom.

My main reason for this commitment is <insert your objective here>.

<insert signature>

  1. Place your written commitment in a place you will see it often as your reminder

You’re committed!

Congrats on completing the third stop! You have fully committed to achieving your future!

We sincerely wish you success as you make mistakes and learn from them. We know that you can make a comeback when needed! We are here to help you as you build your kingdom!