Before diving into building your financial kingdom, let’s take a ride into the wayback machine to medieval times.

In Medieval Times, kings were the law of the land. Through their absolutely right to rule from divinity, they had the ultimate power to provide for their people, defend against enemies, and sustain society to continue its expansion! Kingdoms had their own laws, privileges, code of ethics, and constitution that controlled the chaos of life back then.

Fast forward to today, where we enjoy the fruits of technological advances in our life and society.  It has become without a doubt, the most prosperous time in all of history. Living in this free-world full of opportunities has given rise to a new type of power.

The power you ask?

Personal Kingdoms.

Welcome to the Alliance – There’s Room for Building Your Financial Kingdom!

Take a second put yourself in the shoes of a nobleman or noblewoman during the medieval ages. These high class citizens could afford shelter over their head, clothes on their backs, food in their bellies, and entertainment in their free-time.

Yes, after watching or reading Game of Thrones, we can empathize a bit on the strong political tension and harsh consequences nobility sometimes faced, but overall when comparing standards of living during that time – nobles had the good life!

Now again, bear with me, and fast-forward yourself back to modern times.

Typical middle class citizens can afford and enjoy the very same luxuries of life! The ease these luxuries are at the fingertips of everyday people drastically influences the way we live.

Because of the bombardment of advertisements and celebrity lifestyles, our belief of “needs” has changed, since we now feel the same needs of the nobility had is no longer enough!

So what do most people do?

They work long hours to buy extraneous materialistic items with money loaned to us from a bank. What’s the catch?

They must pay the bank more money over the long-term for its generosity. They spend more than they have to impress people who aren’t even part of their life. All the while missing out on people that do matter.

How so? The necessity of keeping those paychecks rolling in stagnantly stays at the top of the priority list instead!

When kings, or emperors, did this with their own kingdoms – the natural order of dynasties took over. Mismanaged finances meant bankruptcy; their people suffered, and the castles fell!

Today the consequences aren’t as detrimental (it isn’t life and death) when new dynasties take over, but similar results affect your family and life in very real, and very negative ways! Well we are here to change that, because today you are no longer a peasant wandering through your neighborhoods!

Today my friend, you join our alliance and become a Duke of Dollars!!

Why Should You Start Building Your Financial Kingdom?

From this day forward, you will no longer view your bank account with a passing eye. Your retirement accounts will no longer feel like reading a foreign language. Retirement won’t be a thought for tomorrow, and stressing about paying bills during emergencies will be a blast from the past! Your health will flourish from access to healthcare you can afford, and during this long life – your newfound focus will grant you control over your time!

What does Building Your Financial Kingdom Mean?

Building your personal kingdom at a basic level means taking control and growing the power you have in your life. To do so requires an army, in other words dollars. By being the command-and-chief of these mindless workers ready to do your bidding, you set yourself for control in your life. Paying off debt, saving for emergencies, investing for your future, and other smart financial decisions overtime grow your army size and strength.

Want to quit your job because your tired of the hostile environment? Interested in taking a hiatus to travel the world for a month but don’t have enough vacation days? Is your daughter graduating from kindergarten during the workday but your manager won’t let you go? Is there anything you want to do but can’t because of the necessity of work?

These situations no longer cause undue stress when financial independence gives you the walk-out option. That’s the look your manager in the face and say “I’m doing it anyway” option.

Life truly changes when your treasure chest of coins is filled to the brim and you can afford to live for the rest of your life without another paycheck. That ticking clock of life you can’t get back is no longer in the hands of someone else – you have control of what you do, when you do it, and how much time you spend doing it!

Building your financial kingdom requires starting with your foundation, raising up your walls, putting in windows, and decorating your castle halls. The construction takes time as you build your life into a strong fortified castle that offers you the desired control, but the benefit outweighs the sacrifices required.

Each one of these steps are metaphors for financial decisions outlined here: Kingdom Roadmap. Anyone can begin taking the imperative steps to make their life better. If you’ve made it this far, you have completed step 0.5 (reading the article :D).

Welcome to the alliance! Good luck building!