Welcome new subscribers, or shall I say – our new fellow dukes!! We are happy to have you join in on building your kingdom and look forward to learning more from you!

With summer’s end right around the corner, we reflect not only on a great summer full of new experiences but also on the takeaways we’ve learned so far blogging the last 8 or so months.

Takeaway 1: Engaging with other PF bloggers illustrates the vibrant community

The Personal finance community continues growing, with more and more personal finance bloggers adding new perspectives each and every day. Throughout the last 8 months, as we’ve written content, it has been an absolute blast learning from them all.

We feel that we’re becoming part of the community and want to continue growing our relationships with other bloggers – thank you for helping by replying to our comments on your sites!

Takeaway 2: Gratitude Triumphs

Takeaways - A picture of yoda from star wars with the text read - very grateful to have you we are.


We have written upwards almost 60 different articles on varying content.

From Trump’s travel cost to budgeting. From our stories of debt and childhood to investment analysis. Each day analytics show us that people are actually taking time out of their day to read them. It is awesome! We are very grateful and love when readers leave us comments for better suggestions like Dividend Daze, Sarah, or J. Money!

Takeaway 3: Telling your story is powerful

When we first started this blog, we hesitated and contemplated sharing parts of personal stories – specifically parts that are tough to publicly announce: like the Great War of Debt or Jack’s Ridiculous Parents.

By telling these stories, not only has it helped us get a few things off our chest; it has led to us feeling better connected to others who relate to us because of it. It was phenomenal for Jack to read comments on J. Money’s blog about his story and for the support in my War on Debt – with some people joining in!!

Takeaway 4: Add value

With two perspectives on the journey to FIRE: freshly joining the quest (Chris) and a veteran (Jack) who has picked up quite a few tricks in his tenure. We offer our writers these two unique perspectives – letting others get the information they need to build their kingdom!

Our roadmap gives you the simple steps needed to reach the kingdom and life you desire. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can help you take the actions – contact us!

Takeaway 5: Keep it Simple

Takeaways - An image of an office worker with text: K.I.S.S. - keep it simple stupid. Great advice, hurts my feelings every time


Between the roadmap and our simple site layout – we are trying to make it easy to find the steps that will take you to the next level. Personal finance isn’t all numbers, our lifestyle posts pass simple ideas and recommendations to make for a better you.

Following the K.I.S.S. motto has been one of our goals since day one. We created our first infographicflowchartt for building a milestone map last week; this was one of those attempts.

Takeaway 6: Enjoy your passion

It has been a joy writing a blog for the last 8 months! 10.5K+ views, being featured on Rockstar Finance, and having a guest post on two of our favorite sites (The Green Swan and Budgets Are Sexy) were very unexpected for us.

Look – we want to become a successful blog – why? We believe in helping people grow their finance knowledge in an easy way. We haven’t focused on monetizing, but on helping our dukes these last 8 months. It has been one of the most enjoyable parts of the year!

Who would have thought our measly goal of 500 views would be surpassed by 9,500+? Yes – we (by we I mean Chris lol!) really set the goal of 500 views in one year and are EXCITED and GRATEFUL for passing it.

Takeaway 7: There is always more to learn

As one of the many personal finance blogs, it is imperative to find a niche right? What about creating your site with the best SEO hierarchy and user experience principles?

What about creating your site with the best SEO hierarchy and user experience principles?

Do we manage WordPress securely and efficiently?

Is our site optimized for mobile and web views?

Can we market better too?

We ask the questions to demonstrate that there is a VAST amount of knowledge to learn to become a better blog. This means a lot of time. We’re learning a bit as we go – the big lesson here – it is ok to do so! “Do something!”

Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger both idolized for their life learning mindset – we want to do the same!

Takeaway 8: Everyone has style

Every single blog on Personal Finance adds value in their own way and their own voice. Jack writes differently than I do. People comment in various forms. We love to see and learn from them, critically thinking to agree/disagree with the potential of incorporating it into our own views.

This unique style makes reading in the community so much fun; keep up the great work with your great content!

Takeaway 9: Money isn’t everything

Money is a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. It is a concept created to exchange goods and services in a common exchange rate created by the market. Instead of going to Wal Mart with a car load of wood carved decorations to barter for fresh produce and food for the week, we instead use money (quite convenient actually).

Many of us (including myself) take money very very seriously. It makes cents (catch that?). We have two levers to pull on our finances – cash in and cash out.

That doesn’t mean you focused only on these two levers in your life. Relationships, friendships, and purpose are imperative to happiness, not just money.

Frugality is maximizing the value you get for your money. This means travel hacking and flight searching to get the best deals. It means using coupons if you desire when grocery shopping.

One lesson blogging has taught us in the last few months – it can be just fine to spend a bit more money to give yourself a bit more time. I LOVE writing a new article! It has happened where I’ve picked up some Chipotle on the way home (around $6 for two meals), then wrote a blog with the new found time instead of dinner. It was totally worth it!!

With Hurricane Harvey – we recommended spending some of your money tools to help with the natural disaster. Google is matching it! We have!

Takeaway 10: Our readers are the most important aspect to Duke of Dollars

When first putting together a new blog with a new purpose, our vision and user experience was based on our perception. Now that we have 50+ subscribers (thank you for using our pigeon service!), we’ll be potentially revamping the site layout to better suit you. There is no blog without readers.

We really appreciate the time each of you takes reading our articles. Let us know how you’re doing towards your financial kingdom – we’ve love to hear from you! Let us know if you have any suggestions!