Duke of Dollars

Helping the world build their financial kingdom, one article at a time!

What is Duke of Dollars?

Duke of Dollars is a personal finance, investment, and lifestyle blog launched in 2017 by two close friends.

We both believe in relentlessly pursuing personal growth. Motivated by behavioral and mental models, and seek to learn from the experience of great people.

We study strategies for success and diligently incorporate the best habits into their lives. Starting with ourselves and expanding ever-outward, striving to make the world a better place.

Why are we writing to the world?

We’ve always been fascinated with people who are able to grow the people in their lives. Coaches like Coach Carter who help players change the course of their lives. When you have a passion in your life, and you see a need for education, you use it as an opportunity.

We want to help the world in their quest to build their finances into a solid foundation, changing money into a tool they wield, rather than a scarce resource dictating their stress levels.

We aspire to pass on values we believe help achieve the happiness so much desired in our society – growing a community along the way.

Our goals and objectives are to enrich and educate those who are willing to commit, then sacrifice for their long-term life ambitions towards financial success!


Meet the Master Dukes

Master Duke Chris

Master Duke Chris

Jr Personal Finance Guru

I’m the younger of the two authors: a recent college graduate who endured financial hardship during those years. This instability at home meant I had to get a job, change my mindset very quickly, and start adulting!

I went from caring about Xbox Live to working instead, so I could pay for my college education. I sought to stabilize my financial environment and also to become a steward of my own time. Both of these mindsets have been the driving forces in my life since.

From this driving force, I began my mission to win the Great War of Debt by prioritizing my retirement accounts and debt above entertainment type purchases. It’s this purpose to become debt free and financially stable that answers my big “why” and motivates my work ethic and growth. Once the debt is knocked out, my investment accounts will continue to flourish as I make my way further and further down the kingdom roadmap!

I’m hoping to inspire the younger crowd to hop on the bandwagon early. The sooner you start on your financial journey, the easier it is to take control!

  • Nerdiness 85% 85%
  • Writing 80% 80%
  • Passion 100% 100%
  • Roadmap Completed 40% 40%
Master Duke Jack

Master Duke Jack

Sr Personal Finance Guru

I’m at the tail end of a white collar career. At an age when many of my peers are moving into middle management or senior leadership roles, I’m ready to jump out of the rat race entirely. I developed a lucrative and specialized skill set that allowed me to sell my time to the highest bidder in a global market.

I married young and set roots in an area with a low cost of living. Combining a keen sense of frugality with a high income, I was able to sock away a substantial amount of money early in my life. Helped along by a perfectly timed recession and subsequent bull market, my passion for investing turbocharged my retirement efforts, and I’m on the verge of submitting my notice. But first – I have some loose ends to tie up and a few extraneous goals to meet while my marketable skills are at their peak.

In other words, I suffer from onemoreyearitis. Part of my blogging efforts are intended to encourage me to more clearly defined my goals and strategies for pulling the escape hatch. While younger readers will benefit from Chris’s fresh and dope outlook (and his memes), the older cohort can tag along for my last couple years on the corporate treadmill.

  • Nerdiness 85% 85%
  • Writing 90% 90%
  • Passion 100% 100%
  • Roadmap Completed 80% 80%