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Our Guest Post on Mustard Seed Money: A Rice & BBQ Sauce Dinner Changed My Life

As you all know, we are huge fans of Rob’s blog over at Mustard Seed Money! He invited us to post on his blog this week and wanted to let our readers! In the post, I decided to share a bit more of my story and introduce one of the most influential money moments to you all. How a rice & BBQ dinner changed my life!

Post-retirement, I have no freaking clue what to do with my life (and that’s OK)

Jack explores the possibilities of life after retirement. He’s a bit aimless, but has some interests he wants to pursue. Importantly, he needs to structure his lifestyle to fit his plans.

Guest Post: Rob @ Mustard Seed Money Shares His Kingdom Story!

Duke’s we have a new honored guest joining us at the Kingdom’s finest dinner table this week! Our friend Rob, who blogs at Mustard Seed Money. Rob is an accountant for the federal government with a passion for all things personal finance. He created the website Mustard Seed Money and the course Reaching FIRE, both of which emphasize sound financial education and advice. Take it away Rob!

Will the PF Community Shun Me For Eating Out in Feb? – Feb 2018 Army Updates – TGWOD

In February I decided to try a small experiment on my two weeks home with the family. I paid for meals at various restaurants, something I almost never do. Eating out and conversing with your family or friends can be worth the cost, especially when they are spending their time with you. The process in the goal of FIRE is so important, we must never forget the why or leave our happiness in the back of our minds.

Become an owner of your own personal YourCorp, a business conglomerate

There are many different tactics to use in your financial world to become a Duke of your own Kingdom. Thinking of you and your finances as your own personal business with different income streams – one of the most important and self-fulfilling prophecies one can incorporate into their decisions.

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