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The Importance of Great Friends in Life and Finances

Today just happens to be one of those free writing days, with a topic that should be addressed in more free form. Friendships Make Life Worth Living Joshua Kennon has wrote a theory on friendship that states that true friendship is based on your censorship around that...

Chris is Back! Finally Able to Share My Travel Pics! – June 2018 Army Updates – TGWOD

With the first month of the year passing by - I'm ready to ramp up my good guy army to pay off this trifling debt! We're in for some tough battles this year! Planned Army Statistics by Year (Unchanged from July 2017): In July 2017, I posted to officially...

Reader Story: “I almost bought an investment property!”

[Today we our happy to present to you a reader story about investment property. Accelerating FI is a huge topic in the personal finance world; considering buying real estate property has been a popular option for many bloggers out there. We present to you a...

Only Rubes Buy Individual Stocks

Courtesy of ‘dan’, a commenter Early Retirement Now, I learned this week that “buying individual stocks” is … Only for rubes. For some reason, my brain remembered this phrase as “chuds” instead of “rubes,” but either word works exceptionally well here. Chud, in...

Doers Versus Thinkers – On the Merit of Action, An HOA Story

Sometimes I think too much, and that prevents me from getting things done. If I tackle a task right away and do an 80% job, that's a lot better than putting it off for the day when I might be able to complete that task with 100% satisfaction. I need to focus on...

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