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Budgeting sucks. Forecast instead! #FinHealthMatters

To know your financial health, make like a weatherman and forecast Imagine if you showed up to the doctor and sat down to look at charts that he or she forecast a few years into the future. “Your blood pressure is set to spike to a new plateau in November, your BMI is...

Our Guest Post on Dividend Daze: Why side hustle income is so important

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Kingdom – we have a new guest post to demonstrate the importance of side hustle income! We appreciate Dividend Daze for letting us share the articles with his readers, and we want to share it with our own!

Our Guest Post on MSO Life: I Decided to Go To War Against the Debt Barbarians And Haven’t Looked Back

We have a new guest post for you MSO Life today! Moose recently posted lessons from his grandparents on Duke of Dollars, and we felt that his site embodied many of our same beliefs in the PF world. Below is a snippet followed by the link - hope you enjoy! Thank you...

Reader Story: What I Didn’t Learn From the American Education System

A PF Community Reader shares why they see a flaw in the American Education System, specifically they tell us the mistakes made throughout their college career and their hope for personal finance being taught to our future generations!

Guest Post: There’s Room For Your Financial Kingdom In The Alliance

Good morning Dukes! Today we have a new honored guest with us: Aaron from Personal Finance for Beginners! He shares his story on building his own financial kingdom, and explains why there’s room for your financial kingdom too! Join the alliance!

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