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Only Rubes Buy Individual Stocks

Courtesy of ‘dan’, a commenter Early Retirement Now, I learned this week that “buying individual stocks” is … Only for rubes. For some reason, my brain remembered this phrase as “chuds” instead of “rubes,” but either word works exceptionally well here. Chud, in...

Doers Versus Thinkers – On the Merit of Action, An HOA Story

Sometimes I think too much, and that prevents me from getting things done. If I tackle a task right away and do an 80% job, that's a lot better than putting it off for the day when I might be able to complete that task with 100% satisfaction. I need to focus on...

Chris Was Featured on Debt.com!!! How I went from Playing Xbox to Paying Off Debt!

Long time no see everyone! We've been trying to catch up and keep up with life while making sure to get at least one post out to you all each week! It has been an awesome last few weeks (I've been home only 2 of the 5) as travel has been on my brain :). Don't worry...

Our Guest Post on ESIMoney – Chris’s ESI Scale Interview

Good morning Dukes! As we continue to follow our new manifesto and share more of our story, I was ecstatic for the opportunity to answer questions on ESI Money's scale. Below is a quick snippet, followed by a link to the full post! Enjoy! ESI Scale Interviews are...

Our Guest Post on My Sons Father: Chris Takes On The Random Question Challenge!

We have a new guest post for you My Sons Father today! Over at his blog he encourages and dares fellow bloggers to take on his random question challenge. I put a call out to our allies, put my war helmet on, and saddled up the horses. I was ready to take it on! Here...

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