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To Build Wealth, Heed Algamish’s Advice: A Part of All You Earn Is Yours to Keep

I've been in the midst of a move, job change, and it all happened QUICK. As things begin to settle down, Jack and I will be back posting more and we are looking forward to ending the year strong, and beginning 2019 even stronger. With that being said, I have continued...

Rockstar Roundup – Castles and Dragons Edition

This post is a guest curation for Rockstar Finance, the leader in selecting and sharing the best personal finance content. To get the top money posts delivered straight to your inbox every weekday, subscribe to the Rockstar Finance newsletter.   Hi! This is Jack at...

When frugality takes a back seat: consider a newer vehicle for its safety features

Buying a new or used car is a difficult decision, but have you included safety in your calculations? The personal finance community long ago identified two key financial decisions that can make or break a budget: your house and your car. Conventional wisdom says to...

We Guest Posted on Think Save Retire: Income & Leisure Time – Are You Using Them Wisely?!

[Good morning Dukes! We wrote a new guest post on Think Save Retire featuring our first Infographic! Below are a few snippets, followed by a link to the full post! Enjoy!] If you were working 38 years ago and earning the median income, then the amount of money brought...

Guest Post: The Personal Finance Lessons I Learned Taking On Wall Street As An Investment Banker

[Duke’s we have a new honored guest dining with us as we celebrate his arrival, a blogger and forbes contributor - Camilo @ The Finance Twins. Learn more about the lessons he learned about personal finance when working as an Investment Banker!] Hi everyone! My name is...

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