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I Won the Great War of Debt – 100K Paid off in 4 Years! Anyone Can Do It!

Graduating from college about four years ago, I realized as my bills started being due that there was a lot of work to do. Sacrifices and learning to say no. Budgeting, credit card hacking, and enjoying my 20s. It was when I truly decided that a debt-free future was...

Theory: Personal Finance Aficionados have Epiphany Moments That Motivate Them!

I believe those who are driven financially to be successful or extremely frugal have moments like the two above to drive it. It becomes their internal motivation that delays gratification, makes stronger decisions, and leads to a better life.

Warren Buffet & Charlie Munger’s Advice on the Decision of Delaying Gratification

Is delayed gratification the key to happiness later in your life? Is it better to save for 30 years for a week long Disney vacation, or go now for 3 days instead? See what Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet think!

Guest Post: Marc from the Vital Dollar Share’s Advice from His Kingdom!

[Duke’s we have a new honored guest dining with us as we celebrate his arrival, a blogger and forbes contributor - Mark from The Vital Dollar. Learn more about the lessons he learned about personal finance when working as an Investment Banker!] Let's start with the...

The Future of Duke of Dollars & Keeping Composure in the Current Polarized Political Environment

Ladies and Gentlemen of the castle, I come to you with a few personal updates, anecdotes, and news from the kingdom!! Note: this is more of an update and write out my thoughts compared to a full post dedicated to a topic. Enjoy! Moving to a HCOL A few months ago I...

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